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Professional Certification Program: (1&2 Year Diploma)

You are welcome to AIMMS, the only ISO Certified & Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (S.E.C.P) protected, the largest institute in the country, where in Professional Certification is awarded to the students,professionals, bureaucrats,army men,merchants, health practitioners,NGO workers,Media men, Engineers,Technical workers,Lawyers, Overseas Pakistanis and others through various modes of study, in a flexible and easy to have manner, in the form of 1 or 2 year  professional, competency based diplomas, which enable the diploma holder in:

  •  Professional Excellence & Comparative edge
  •  Existing job Promotion & high wages & dignity
  •  Increase productivity & more opportunities
  • A wide range of jobs in Gulf countries (Saudi/ UAE/Oman/Europe)
  • Supportive in family visa, profession change position upgration
  •  Professional enrichment for health, engineering, managerial & executive staff
  • Useful for IGOS,NGOS,MNCS,Organizations & Govt departments

Value of Diploma:

  •  Issued by Directorate General Technical Education & Manpower Training, Govt of Pakistan OR  UKAP a body of UK ,Or USAP a USA body of Professionals...
  •  Foreign Affairs & NAVTTC attestable
  •  UAE/ KSA & other Embassies attestable
  • Certification issued & assured by EDEXCEL UK, is globally recognized & does not require attestation..

Modes of Study/Award of Diploma: 

  • Experience Based Certification/RPL Mode:If an individual possesses experience in relevant field and can support this claim on any written proof like experience letter etc, he is eligible to be awarded 1 or 2 year Professional  Certification from govt board,with in shortest possible time ranging from 2 to 4 months.He/ she will be excluded from assignments or exam or both.
  • Fast Track Mode of Study :- If a students qualification is higher than the minimum required and is willing to submit the assignment within short time, he or she is entitled to be issued the diploma of 1 or 2 years within 3-4 Months.
  • Regular Based Certification: Under this system a regular competency diploma of 1 or 2 year will be issued to the students on basis of 3 to 4 assignments plus final viva...Normally this certification time ranges from 6 to 8 months.

 NOTE:-The candidates from Pakistan are advised to give the name of the course in the above SEARCH A COURSE  HERE, and press Enter & proceed for on line free registration. With in 2 minutes, then check your own email where you will get automatically generated Registration Number & Details.
OVERSEAS STUDENTS from uae/ksa and other countries are requested to email their documents on and and read ADMISSION PROCEDURE for overseas on the website or call on 0322 4430673/0334 5068900

FOR USA CERTIFICATION VISIT www.usapus.or and www.ukapuk.or for UK certifications

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